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Modest Wedding Dresses

Here in Utah, we know that brides destined for temple weddings have certain preferences for bridal gowns that may be slightly different from brides in other areas. Our brides often prefer a more modest wedding dress, and at Janelle’s Bridal shop of Logan, we are only too happy to help.

As a bride, regardless of religion, you may prefer more coverage in a wedding gown. It may be for modesty, comfort, or simply personal preference, but not everyone wants to show a lot of skin on their wedding day.

When you’re shopping for bridal gowns, however, it can become apparent that not all brides feel the same way, as you end up ruling out dress after dress with plunging necklines, tiny spaghetti straps, or backless entirely.

You can put your mind at ease when you shop at Janelle’s Bridal. Most all of our dresses were designed with modesty in mind, no coverage alterations needed. Our goal is to make you feel confident and absolutely stunning on your wedding day.

Make an appointment today to come try on the bridal gowns we have in stock, show us pictures of dresses you love, and find your perfect dress!

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